OceBox 2100

The development of the loT technology and the arrival of the 5G network have caused an exponential growth in the use of the connectivity factor in electronic equipment across domestic, industrial, medical, and autonomous transportation (2V2), among other applications.

During their development phase, these devices are submitted to efficiency and performance tests to be adapted, in the future, to meet the telecommunications standards required by homologation bodies such as ANATEL & FCC.

With the proper planning, shielded boxes can support the development of electronic devices, such as smartphones and loTs, and allow the execution of functionality and performance tests.

The electromagnetic shielding keeps the external environment signals from interfering with the tests, and the internal shielded environment from interfering with the external environment.

Ocellott offers a range of shielded products to serve companies, institutions as well as regulatory departments. These products range from small shielded boxes to wide rooms with or without absorbent material including RF and test cables, as well as equipment positioners under test.

The BEST-D2100F08 is a 210x120x120 Cm electromagnetically shielded box with a rack placed at 55 cm high in the product’s lower part. Aside from its feeding and signals filter, this box also contains a pair of Vivaldi antennas that operate in frequencies between 600MHz to 7GHz, RF connectors interface, and a DUT placer with a 360° rotation range.

The box was designed with a pair of Vivaldi antennas to find distant field conditions in.

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