Quality Policy

Ocellott is committed to the safety, quality, and delivery timelines of all products and services we supply to the market. We develop innovative solutions with cutting-edge technological content and the efficiency expected from our clients.

We are in line with the industry and state’s requirements and regulations, always seeking to best market practices to guarantee the safety, reliability, consistency, and traceability of all our products and services.

Our team is committed to the sustainable growth of our organization through the continuous improvement of our Quality and Management System, focused on the needs and expectations of our community of clients, collaborators, and investors.


Ocellott was awarded the main certifications in the industry due to our team’s restless efforts to improve our processes, which allow us to vouch for the quality of our products and services and further proves the excellence of our development and manufacturing processes.

We are certified as a Strategic Defense Company (Empresa Estratégica de Defesa – EED) awarded by the Brazilian Defense Ministry to companies that develop and manufacture products that address the needs and demands of the defense sector, which in 2019 welcomed Ocellott into a selected group of companies with the same qualifications and further certifying all Ocellott’s products as Strategic Defense Products, (Produtos Estrategicos de Defesa – PED).

In 2020, Ocellott was awarded the AS9100 and ISO9001 certifications based on the quality of our management system standards with a focus on aerospace quality. No non-conformities were identified during the verification, demonstrating the quality of our processes.

Supply Manual