About Us

Committed to enabling the safe transition to an electrified and connected world, Ocellott is an electronic engineering company founded in 2015. Ocellott has a strong presence in Brazil with a history of serving international customers. By specializing in the development and manufacturing of complex systems, the company offers products that serve the defense, aerospace, and testing and measurement markets.


Create innovative and sustainable technologies to electrify and connect the world



Opening paths to new horizons


Act as leaders-entrepreneurs, taking responsibility and protagonism


Deliver value in the shortest industry cycles


Awaken energy to great achievements


Unite our capabilities to be increasingly powerful

global vision for 2028

To be a reference company in the Defense, Aerospace and Tests and Measurements markets


To be recognized as the most agile Brazilian company in the development and supply of electronic and telecommunications solutions for Command and Control systems


To be a national leader and world player in the development and supply of Aeronautical Batteries


To be a national leader and world player in the supply and development of Electromagnetically Shielded Environments

Our history

Ocellott was born with the mission of electrifying and connecting the world, Ocellott was born on May 19, 2015, at Sao Jose dos Campos’ Technological Park as Laboratório de Compatibilidade Eletromagnética – LACE (Electromagnetic Compatibility Lab).

With a dream team of professionals from the aeronautical and automotive sectors, since the beginning of its operations, Ocellott has been working alongside prominent clients in the aeronautics sector, such as Embraer.

The First Steps

Ocellott made its first investment in a new lightning generation lab in 2018 to expand its market. Once equipped with this structure, the company was now capable to develop new products like surge suppressors, and developing hardware to meet the needs of our clients in the military sector.

In the following year, eager for new businesses, the company expanded once more, winning the bidding process for a government contract to operate the EMI/EMC lab in Sao Jose dos Campos, aside from its constant manufacturing growth.

2019 was an important year for the company, qualifying as a strategic defense company, a group comprised of only 90 Brazilian companies at the time, and signing two high-profile contracts with the Brazilian Navy and the USA-based SAFRAN.

Giant Leaps

Ocellott’s results skyrocketed in 2020 due to the great effort and collaboration of the entire team to keep the business operating safely for all involved while the world started facing an unprecedented challenge; with a wide range of projects in line, the company achieved a backlog of relevant profits and consistent growth prospects.

The results allowed the company to make a series of further investments in infrastructure, P&D, and manufacturing to consolidate the company’s presence in Sao Jose dos Campos’ competitive tech hub, with the manufacturing of a new serial product, the surge suppressor of the executive platforms of the Embraer Legacy 450/500 and Praetor 500/600, led to a vertical increase in our production numbers.

Also in 2020, we signed an important partnership for Ocellott’s operations in the defense market, with the Communications and Electronics Material Factory (FMCE) of IMBEL (Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil), for the development and production of communication and command and control military systems.

Our AS9100 with zero non-conformities certification demonstrates Ocellott’s commitment to both our clients and the highest standard of quality, which has also granted us the award as the Top 10 Productivity by 100OpenStartup in which our company competed with other 13 thousand start-ups.

We are unstoppable

In 2020, we opened a branch of the company in the city of Santa Rita do Sapucaí, known as the “Brazilian Electronics Valley” in the state of Minas Gerais. Home to one of the main electronics engineering universities in the country, the city fosters an ecosystem for technological development that has become a benchmark for innovation in the country.

As part of our internationalization strategy, in 2021 we started the operations of our branch at the John Mica Engineering & Aerospace Innovation (MicaPlex) in Orlando, Florida, in The United States.

Currently, Ocellott counts with a highly capacitated team allocated in three major economic hubs in Brazil and The US.

We were born to conquer the world, and we prove that with each step we take!

Our products

Our company operates across the defense, aerospace, and test & measurements sectors with the high production capacity required to meet your needs.


We are keen on daily challenging ourselves and the status quo, pushing the limits of our technological barriers to pave the way towards our dreams of reaching beyond the boundaries of innovation.