Noise Filters (EMI/EMC)

Considering that the number of electronic equipment we use in our daily lives increases exponentially, these devices must work compatibly rather than interfering with each other, under regulations that set limits for the radiated and conducted emissions.

The noise suppression filters, or EMI/EMC filters, ensure emissions conducted by a device are within the regulated limits. These filters are installed in the device’s feeding entrance to mitigate the interference of other equipment, making sure that the noise generated by the equipment doesn’t affect the feeding network.

Ocellott’s suppression filters offer the possibility to customize the device to fit any specific needs of our clients, meeting all weight and space, as well environmental conditions requisites just like the ones across the aeronautical and defense sectors, such as the DO-160 and the MIL-STD-810 respectively.

Noise Filters FCA-10K10M

As a case of success among our noise filters, the FCA-10K10M operates in alternate currents filtering noise in across 10Hz to 10MHz with an average attenuation of 60dB.

The FCA-10K10M can operate with a maximum tension of 250 VAC phase-neutral and phase-phase and with a maximum current of 13A, having been further qualified both in the 501.5/502.5 methods procedures I & II, as well as the MIL-810G tests procedures I & II. Proving that the FCA-10K10M can resist storage temperatures between -40 to 65 °C and an operating temperatures between -20 to 70°C.

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