Command and Control Tactical Display

Upgrading the Army’s armored vehicles is a critical and very necessary mission, and the Ocellott Tactical Command and Control Display successfully accomplishes this task.

Composing the Tactical Computer Module (MCT-2000) system, the Command and Control Tactical Display enables the user interface through keyboard and touch screen monitor, without the need to connect peripherals via HDMI and USB, facilitating field operations.

Integrated to the Vehicle Computer Module (MCV-2000), ruggedized multi-purpose computer, it can be used to run Command and Control, Battlefield Management, or customized applications according to the user’s needs.

The Command and Control Tactical Display can be associated with other modules of the Modular Interoperability Center (CIM-2000) from IMBEL, expanding the limits of use of the set. In this way, the user can count on services such as traffic analysis for filtering and routing of link and network layers, Voice over IP (VoIP) server and, with the use of customized software, is able to integrate the audio network into communication systems.

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