Ocellott signs agreement to electrify SAFE’s aircraft

On July 26th, Ocellott signed a pivotal agreement to provide electrification solutions for the SAFE’s aircraft. The ceremony was attended by Ocellott’s CEO, Mr. Henrique Lemos; the company’s Business Director, Mr. Rodrigo Junqueira; Ms. Carla Criscuolo, the Operations Director; the Technology Park Director, Mr. Marcelo Nunes and SAFE’s CO-CEO, Mr. Alexandre Ribeiro.

For Ocellott, the pursuit of developing and manufacturing cutting-edge Aeronautical Batteries aligns seamlessly with our vision to emerge as a national leader and a prominent global player in Aeronautical Battery development and supply.

Mr. Rodrigo Junqueira commented, “Our comprehensive solutions encompass the development of propulsion batteries and seamless integration of electrical and propulsive systems, bespoke for SAFE. Not only do these solutions exhibit unparalleled technological advancement, but they also hold profound environmental significance, underscoring SAFE’s trajectory towards heightened competitiveness.”

SAFE’s CEO, Mr. Alexandre Ribeiro, remarked, “A substantial portion of our operational expenses is attributed to fuel consumption. However, our transformative project remarkably mitigates these costs and, in synergy with other facets of our business model, is set to position SAFE as one of the most efficient pilot schools globally.”

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