Ocellott participates in the 5G Boot Camp, an event promoted by Keysight Brasil

Ocellott participated this Tuesday (06/21) in the 5G Boot Camp, an event promoted by Keysight Brasil. With the bidding for 5G bands by Anatel and with an implementation schedule already defined by the operators, the ecosystem of technologies around the NR standard will have to proactively mobilize. With that in mind, Keysight Brasil promoted the event with the purpose of integrating different sectors of the industry to expose and debate concepts of good testing practices and network operations.

The event addressed the following topics:

  • O-RAN: Conformity and Interoperability Testing Concepts
  • 5GNR FR2 mmWave: What’s New and Challenges in Device Testing in this Frequency Range
  • Applications in frequencies above 40 GHz and the 6G
  • Connected Vehicles: Autonomous Vehicles on the Network, C-V2X and Automotive Radar
  • 5G coverage tests on FR1 and FR2
  • Security on Core 5G

Ocellott, as a developer and manufacturer of electromagnetically shielded boxes, took to the event its family of shielded boxes OceBox. Participants were shown the OceBox 2100, a box designed to meet customized 5G tests, with options that meet RF1 or RF2 tests, and we also presented the OceBox 750, which performs 5G tests in conjunction with 4G in a portable and effective way. Both boxes are customizable according to the testing needs of each customer, having the flexibility to be configured for different applications.

The need for a secure deployment of 5G is already a reality for Brazil and the world, and Ocellott, with the mission of enabling the safe transition to an electrified and connected world, has enormous know-how to collaborate in this mission.

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