Aeronautical Batteries

Batteries are responsible for a variety of tasks in the electrical system of an aircraft, from the DC harness’ voltage stabilization and energy supply to the system during ground operations to critical systems during emergencies. For this reason, aeronautical batteries must be robust to be reliable.

Aside from the traditional short-circuit protection, Ocellott emergency batteries offer advanced protection against overcharges, overheating, atmospheric, and deep discharges with low maintenance needs and complete control, monitoring, and protection systems.

The entire system was designed with a focus on product efficiency, achieved through a robust protection system and optimized cell choice to produce a battery capable of enduring long periods in storage with no need for maintenance or recharges.

Aeronautical Batteries

Ocellott is a pioneer in the development of LiFePO4-based aeronautical batteries in Brazil, a technology that offers lighter batteries with a longer life span without compromising aircraft safety.

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