ESM Antennas

The Antenna Unit is one of the elements that are part of the Electronic Warfare Support Measurement System. Its function is the capture and pre-treatment of signals, through filtering and amplification. The Antenna Unit is capable of receiving signals over an extremely wide frequency range, from hundreds of MHz to tens of GHz. It is also able to adjust its dynamic range by adjusting the amplification of the received signal. The Antenna Unit is composed of a set of antennas distributed in a circle with a view to the horizon, allowing 360º signals to be obtained.

  • Applied in the tactical reconnaissance of radar emitters in a given electromagnetic environment;
  • Intercepts radiation to determine the emitting radar, classifying the type and mode of operation of the involved radar and the likely associated platform;
  • Used in naval vessels (frigates and submarines), land and air;
  • Brazilian Antenna Unit Project.

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