Ocellott CEO receives the diploma of “Amigo da IMBEL”

Last Thursday (07/14) at the headquarters of Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil (IMBEL) in Brasília (DF) the ceremony for the delivery of the diplomas “Amigo da IMBEL” took place. The diploma honours civil and military personalities who are recognized as important partners of the company, providing relevant services that collaborate for its development.

Ocellott was one of the recipients of the title, represented by the company’s CEO, Henrique Lemos de Faria. The Chief of Staff of the Brazilian Army, General Valério Stumpf Trindade, the Centro Tecnológico do Exército (CTEx), represented by Colonel George and the company Polidesign, represented by Mr. Alcione Alves were also honored.

It is an honor for us at Ocellott to be part of IMBEL’s partners in the development of products with the highest technological content, strengthening the Base Industrial de Defesa (Defense Industrial Base) and bringing technological know-how to Brazil.

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