Ocellott celebrates its 7th anniversary with the opening of a new area in Santa Rita do Sapucaí – MG (Brazil)

Ocellott held last Thursday (07/07) the internal celebration of the company’s 7th anniversary. The celebration took place at the Santa Rita do Sapucaí – MG unit and brought together the entire team and representatives of IMBEL, a great partner of Oce.

Initially, a general meeting was held with the speech of the managing partners Henrique Lemos, Rodrigo Junqueira and SaintClair Nunes, where the entire team can interact and ask about curiosities and general matters about Oce.

Afterwards, the entire team got to know the company’s new facilities: an area of about 430 m², located in Condomínio de Empresas Rui Brandão, which will house the development engineering and manufacturing line of Ocellott.

To end the day of activities, a lunch was held with the entire team to celebrate the 7th anniversary and celebrate the new space that guarantees the productive capacity that Oce needs to meet the company’s growth.

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